Pressure Transmitter

LABOM Pressure Sensing Transmitter PASCAL CI with Graphic Display


Pressure Transmitter for relative pressure (over ambient pressure)

Type:                           PASCAL Ci Ci1010

                                               Process connection G ½“B nach DIN EN 837-1

                                               Measuring area 0…100 bar (calibration area 2,0…41 bar)

                                               (picture with o/c cock).


Type:                            PASCAL Ci Ci11010

                                               Process connection G ½“ mit frontbündiger Membrane

                                               Measuring area 0…16 bar (calibration area 0,8…17 bar)

                                               Measuring area 0…40 bar (calibration area 2,0…41 bar)


                                               Welding-in Sockets are included.